1031 Exchange Techniques

Are you looking to elevate your real estate investment strategy and perform a profitable 1031 tax-deferred exchange?

I’m Harlan Mayer, Principal Real Estate Broker, bringing decades of experience and an innovative approach to both traditional and creative real estate solutions.

My goal is to guide you seamlessly through the complexities of the 1031 exchange process, ensuring profitable outcomes with expert assistance with the timing of the transactions, and identifying conventional and non-conventional 1031 compliant solutions.

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We are based in Portland, Oregon but connect investors with quality accomodaters, brokers and property managers who specialize in 1031 exchanges nationwide.

Decades of Expertise: With countless successful transactions and an in-depth understanding of the market intricacies, experience is an invaluable asset we look for in brokers we work with.
Creative Approach First: I don’t just follow the status quo. In the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington markets my innovative strategies target off-market properties, in multiple national markets, and effectively address both typical and unique client needs, maximizing potential returns.

1031 "Insurance": DSTs

Featured Video: Delaware Statutory Trusts (DST's)


From the initial consultation to the final transaction, I provide a tailored approach, ensuring every element of your exchange is meticulously planned and executed.
Transform Your Investments with Confidence
I am dedicated to providing a comprehensive, hands-on service that demystifies the 1031 exchange process, allowing you to make informed decisions with confidence. Here’s how I can help:

Strategic Planning:

We’ll outline a clear plan, analyzing market trends and identifying prime opportunities that align with your investment goals.

Property Identification:

Utilizing my extensive network and local market knowledge, I’ll help you uncover the best properties that qualify under the 1031 requirements both on and off the market.

Seamless Transactions:

My meticulous attention to detail ensures that every transactional step is handled with precision, from document preparation to meeting IRS guidelines.

Maximized Profits:

By leveraging my creative solutions and resourcefulness, you’ll enjoy maximized profitability and reduced tax impact.

Free Downloadable Guide

"The Ultimate 1031 Exchange Checklist and Planner"

Key Features:

Detailed Checklist:
Step-by-step guide covering everything from initial preparation to final closing.
Includes all deadlines (e.g., 45-day identification period, 180-day completion period).

Expert Tips:
Insider tips from seasoned real estate professionals on how to avoid common pitfalls.
Strategies for identifying suitable replacement properties.

Tax Savings Calculator:
Easy-to-use tool for estimating potential tax savings from the 1031 exchange.
Examples to help understand the financial benefits.

Legal Considerations:
Summary of key legal requirements and compliance issues.
Links to important IRS guidelines and forms.

Case Studies:
Real-life examples demonstrating successful 1031 exchanges.
Lessons learned from each case study.

Professional Contacts:
List of recommended Qualified Intermediaries, real estate agents, and tax advisors.
How to choose the right professionals for your needs.

Market Analysis:
Insights into current real estate market trends.
Tips on identifying high-potential investment properties.

Forms and Templates:
Essential forms and templates to streamline the process.
Sample identification letters and exchange agreements.